Dissolve Localised Fat Deposits Simply and Safely With Aqualyx®

body aqlx1Treats areas:

  • Hips
  • Saddle Bags
  • Thighs
  • Stomach
  • Knees
  • Face
  • “Bra Fat”

Why Regular Exercise And Healthy Nourishment Do not Always Work…

You pay close attention to a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet, yet that one pad of fat that troubles you most will not disappear?

The cause for this lies within our genetics and the special structure of our fat cells in certain areas. The human body naturally stores fat in order to supply energy in times of restraint. Fat cells located in the subcutaneous fat tissue are difficult to diminish, as only their contents and overall volume can be altered, but not the fat cells themselves. These particular fat cells cannot be reduced and continuously serve as a reliable depot for the body to store fat.

How does Aqualyx® work?

Aqualyx® contains desoxycholan-acid, a secondary bile acid and endogenous substance. Its fat dissolving effect was utilised by Professor Pasquale Motolese, the inventor of Aqualyx®, resulting in a synthetically manufactured variant.

Which areas of the body can be treated with Aqualyx®?

Used for the dissolution of fat deposits, Aqualyx® can be administered over the entire body. e.g. hips, saddle bags, thighs, stomach, knees and more.

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Aqualyx® is also a possible treatment of pseudo-gynecomastia in men and buffalo humps.

How many treatments are required?

AqualyxfeatherimageThe number of treatments varies according to the desired degree of amendment, the dimensions of the fat deposit and the individual reactions of the fat tissue. On average you will have to expect around 1-4 appointments, with 4 week intervals, until you can actually perceive the results. A treatment with Aqualyx® does not result in weight loss; healthy nutrition as well as an exercise regimen are an absolute necessity to ensure success of the treatment.

How is the treatment with Aqualyx® conducted?

Using thin, flexible cannulas, Aqualyx® is injected directly into the subcutaneous fat tissue. The treatment is virtually pain free, as fat tissue is almost free of sensation and Aqualyx® contains an additional local anaesthetic. After the treatment the affected area may redden and swell to a slight degree. As with any treatment with a hypodermic needle, minor bruising and swelling might develop. All these are expected side effects that abate within a couple of days after the treatment.

What should I pay attention to after a treatment with Aqualyx®?

Do not apply any cosmetics onto the treated area within a 12hour period and avoid all direct sources of heat and radiation (Sunlight, UV-radiation, Sauna etc). Furthermore, you should abstain from particularly demanding physical exercise for 7 days.

As the released fatty acids are converted into additional energy, it is especially important that you keep a strict healthy diet, otherwise your body will simply store the fat in an alternative fat depot.

When is the treatment with Aqualyx® not recommended?

Aqualyx® is not recommended when the patient is suffering from acute or chronic skin disease in the affected area.

For safety reasons all patients with a medical history including anaphylactic reactions, severe allergies, severe organic or physical illnesses, autoimmune diseases or diabetes, as well as women who are pregnant or breast feeding are excluded from any treatment with Aqualyx®.

Would you like to know more about Aqualyx®?

Our highly trained practitioners will answer all your questions during a personal consultation and consider whether a treatment with Aqualyx® is advisable.