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Skin Deep – Why Transdermal Delivery Is Important

July 25 2014

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and we generally take a great deal of care in keeping it fed, watered and protected with various creams and lotions. The effectiveness of any topical treatment depends on its ability to permeate into the sub layers of the skin where new cells are generated. If the product merely sits on the surface of the skin with no permeating properties or pathways, it's effects will be temporary, no matter how full of nutrients or expensive it may be.Skin, however, is a natural barrier - water resistant and semi-impermeable.

Only when active ingredients can safely permeate the outer stratum corneum via some method of transdermal delivery can they have the desired effect of improving skin quality, texture and tone, whether this be by radiofrequency, ultrasound, IPL or solubilising the active ingredients.

Transdermal technology has come a long way in recent years and there are many excellent and effective ones on the market, including a new wave of advanced topicals such as the Sesha Skin Therapy range with its patented Permeation Enhancement Technology (PET®) which solubilises active ingredients and temporarily modifies the permeability of the skin to allow nutrients to safely reach the basal layer.

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